How does booking work?

Click the on the “BOOK A PICNIC" button on the home page and select a picnic package that includes your number of guests. We have 5 different packages you can choose from: Basics, Luxe, Custom Birthday Celebration, Gender Reveal, and Kiddie born day Celebration packages. Also check out the add ons under your package to see if you want to add extra. Simply check the box to add it to your desired package. Then proceed to checkout enter your payment detail and complete your booking. You will receive your booking confirmation via the provided email while booking. Show up for your picnic at your scheduled time.

What happens if I show up late?

Your picnic starts at the time selected while booking. We understand stuffs happen out of control, thus, we give a 15 min grace period

Do we have to clean up when we are done?

No. Let us be your fairy godmother and clean up the mess for you afterward.

Can we leave prior to our scheduled end time?

Yes, you are free to leave at anytime but please provide us with a 30 min notice give us a phone call or send us a text message. You are fully responsible for all picnic equipment until we are able to return.

What if it rains?

If the forecast predicts at least a 50% chance of rain on the day of the event, we can deliver the picnic to an indoor location or we can provide you the opportunity to reschedule the picnic. Pikniks on the land has a NO REFUNDS policy.

Can I choose the style of picnic I desire?

Unfortunately, no. if you have have any specific colors we will work with you on the details and try to incorporate them in the setup, so feel free to email us your ideas. We strive to make every picnic a lifetime experience.

What's your cancellation policy?

Pikniks on the Land have a NO REFUNDS policy, but we can change your reservation time without penalty up to 72 hours before your picnic.

Where does the picnic take place?

Now we give you the opportunity to pick your own park but subject to change. We also deliver indoor or backyard at your own home. The park you pick or your house has to be less than 1 hour away if it's over 1 hour than a $50 fee will be charge.

Is there a specific park?

Not right now but we working on having 3 specifics parks

Where is the food prepared?

All foods are purchased from Giant food and Wholefoods Market

How do I book?

Please place all bookings through our website and select the “Book” button.

Do you provide beverages and ice?

Yes, we do provide beverages and ice on every packages.

Can you set up anywhere?

Yes, as long as its less than 1 hour away but subject to change.

Is alcohol consumption allowed during the picnic?

Maryland's Municipal Code prohibits open alcohol into any public park. No alcohol is allowed to be consumed during your picnic experience.